Joyce Hunter (Project Participant) speaks via the the Globe & Mail Flat

The staff at The Globe and Mail are incredibly giving and kind folk.
They went out of their way to help me achieve this goal.

The content on this page reflects all of The Globe and Mail’s press styles, font usages and general look and feel. I had help from two extremely gifted individuals, editor Michael Bird and photographer Fred Lum, in finalizing all the content. The story, however, is mine alone. The quotes generated in the story come from Mr. Jha and Grand Chief Beardy as our group was being briefed before we made our journey to Toronto. Both of these individuals have been truly inspirational and I thank them for the opportunity I had on my trip. I fell in love with my job all over again and have set my goals higher as a result.

To any youth who might get involved in Project Beyshick in the future: This flat is an example of what you can do if you simply ask for help and if you think outside the box. You don’t have to follow the agenda given to you. If you think you might have an idea that can be helpful or meaningful to you or to others around you: I say…GO FOR IT!!