The POA foundation fosters economic growth and development through education in diverse fields, especially information technology. Education in information technology plays a central role in development, as it shrinks the “digital divide” which threatens further to separate the less-developed and more-developed regions of the world.

Another central priority of the POA foundation is to nurture entrepreneurship among key demographic groups. By nurturing and increasing entrepreneurship in the world’s less-developed regions, independent economic growth and sustainability become viable and integration into mainstream markets becomes possible. The POA foundation intends to provide entrepreneurial support and encouragement to the individuals and communities who stand to gain the most from new business opportunities.

The foundation recognizes the importance of good governance and a strong global civil society. The foundation believes that good governance leads to peace and security, and is, therefore, a prerequisite for social and economic development. To help improve good governance, the foundation supports initiatives designed to increase the responsiveness of governments and community leaders to the needs of their citizens.

By focusing on these specific types of international projects, the POA Foundation is attempting to reach out to those striving for a better future. Thus far, the POA Foundation is involved in various initiatives. Feel free to browse our initiatives and email us regarding anything that may interest you.

Kindly note that the foundation is currently not taking any support requests. We wish you the very best in finding the resources you are looking for, to execute your next interesting project. We especially appreciate the projects that will provide accessible and high-quality education for more, Nurturing of entrepreneurship, and strengthening global civil society and governance.