Senior Director, e-Infrastructure Project, Nepal
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Shiva GautamShiva Gautam is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School; currently he is also the Biostatistics director of Harvard-Thorndike General Clinical Research Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School). Prior to joining Harvard, he was an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University and a biostatistician at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He also held faculty positions at Oklahoma State University, University of Vermont and Northeastern Ohio Universities College Medicine. He received his PhD in statistics from the University of Texas at Dallas and post doctoral training from Medical University of South Carolina. He also held academic position at Tribhuvan University, Nepal and taught at different campuses including the university’s central Campus (Kathmandu), Min Bhawan Campus (Kathmandu), PN Campus (Pokhara, Nepal) and Mahendra Morang Campus (Biratnagar, Nepal) at various occasions.

Shiva has published several methodological and biomedical collaborative papers. He has been on editorial boards of medical journals, and has served as a reviewer for many medical and statistical journals. He has also served as reviewer for National Cancer Institute (US department of Health) and US department of Veterans Affairs’ study sections.

Besides teaching and research, Shiva writes poems, short stories and essays. He has published two books of poems. His opeds have papered in many leading newspapers in Nepal. He is involved with various organizations including America Nepal Medical Foundation (

Shiva has also contributed to medical education in Nepal. He taught biostatistics to medical students in Nepal as a volunteer. He also collected teaching material and brought them to Nepal. At his request renowned faculty from the US visited Nepal and taught medical students of Kathmandu University.  He was also instrumental in bringing a physician from Nepal for medical training at Vanderbilt University.

Due to Shiva’s tireless effort a team of researchers from Harvard and Washington Universities in collaboration with Ganga Lal Heart Center (Kathmandu, Nepal) are engaged in a pilot hear study in Nepal. This feasibility study may lead to a longitudinal study which could be a unique study in South Asia.

The e-infrastructure/computer pilot/feasibility study funded by Aditya Jha through POA Foundation was also initially conceptualized by Shiva.