The Himalayan Times: Canadian films roll in

ImageThe Canadian film festival is the first one to be held in Nepal with the movies being screened at Kumari hall.

This festival is expected to forge a link between Canada and Nepal, and also help the country’s film industry to partner with and learn from one of the world’s largest film industries to create more jobs, according to sponsor Aditya Jha, a Nepali technology entrepreneur in Canada.

The Toronto International Film Festival Group, one of the biggest film festivals in the world, and POA Educational Foundation are presenting the movies.

The festival began on January 23 with the screening of Saint Ralph.

La Neuvaine will be screened on January 24. The film weaves together the stories of two strangers brought together by a chance meeting. When Francois persuades Jeanne not to drown herself in the St Lawrence river, her faith in herself and humanity slowly begins to return. The film touches upon questions of how faith should guide our actions, while affirming the power of human relationships. The film has subtitles in English.

Entry is free and proceeds from voluntary donations at the screenings will be given to the Pashupati Bridhashram.

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