Softspark (Nepal) Overview

The program will last three months. Students will be engaged in classroom lectures and lab activity for the first two months, and then complete their final month through on-line and on-the-job curriculum. At the completion of the program, students will be prepared to write an exam for any of the following certifications: MCAD, MCSD, and Java Sun Certification. Additionally, certification from a participating university will be granted to all successful participants.

The program will be offered to twenty-four outstanding students who would have completed a four year bachelors degree, or a two year Masters degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Any non-computer related engineering program

Students will be selected from a list of nominees submitted by the faculty of engineering at one of the accredited universities of Nepal.

Students may submit applications independently if they are not currently enrolled at one of the major universities. However, every application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by a faculty member from their current or previous institutions.


Partner University Campus
*Classroom Location TBD

Partner University Campus

Residence will be provided for any student participating from outside of the general Kathmandu area.  Please specify this requirement on the application for the individual students.

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