Project Beyshick and Aditya Featured in a book titled “We Are the New Radicals”


Aditya Jha, Julia Moulden, Grand Chief Stan Beardy

From Left, POA Educational Foundation’s Chairman Aditya Jha, Author Julia Moulden and NAN Grand Chief Stan Beardy at Project Beyshick Award Ceremony


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Book Description

Around the world, thousands of people who've found success in their chosen careers are getting the call to do something more with their lives–to give something back to a world in desperate need of their help. And you don't have to be a billionaire to do so. You can be an ordinary person, like:

Melissa Dyrdahl, who left her job as senior vice president of marketing at Adobe Systems to create Bring Light, Inc., a nonprofit Web site that offers a revolutionary new way for connecting donors with hundreds of charities.

Rocco Rossi, a top Canadian executive and entrepreneur, who experienced a rude awaking in his late 30s that led to him becoming CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

Chef Jamie Kennedy, who knew that there was something deeply crazy–and completely unsustainable–about the way restaurants source ingredients. He is now leading the movement toward local, sustainable cuisine.

These are just three of the many unsung heroes of the New Radicals movement. Bestselling author Julia Moulden, a consultant who counsels clients in search of more meaningful career paths, helps you determine if you are ready to follow their example, and offers her expert guidance on how to make the transition into your new life.

Julia describes the three main paths to becoming a New Radical-Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Activism. And she helps you to

  • Understand your motivations
  • Determine what skills you can leverage
  • Identify the options that are open to you
  • Envision your new role and establish realistic goals
  • Create an action plan for embarking on your new life

You don't have to be a Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, or Al Gore to make the world a better place. With Moulden's guidance, you can transform how you earn your daily bread and make a real difference.

From the Back Cover

Create NEW meaning in your work–and discover a new kind of success

Every day we hear news stories of the rich and powerful doing good works. What you don't generally hear about are the tens of thousands of ordinary men and women who have successfully reinvented themselves and found success in careers that allow them to make a real and lasting difference in the world. In We Are the New Radicals, Julia Moulden introduces you to dozens who have become warriors for progress and healing and shows you how to forge your own path of positive service. You will discover how to

  • Take stock of your abilities and skills
  • Discern how you can best help others
  • Make the time you need to develop a plan
  • Create a support network for yourself and your program

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