Talk by Aditya Jha at the Sangam Conference at Schulich School of Business for the Technology Panel

ImageProf. Steve Weiss, Organizers of this event, distinguished guests and the MBA students of Schulich Business School. It is my privilege to have this opportunity to share my views with you. The two topics that have been assigned to me are:

  • The gap between what Canadian companies could do and are currently doing in India (in Technology Industry context) and
  • Possible ways in which Canadian companies can pursue opportunities in India.


Aditya’s speech at Ryerson University reception

Reception to recognize and thank Aditya Jha for his ongoing support of Ryerson University.
Hosted By President Sheldon Levy, Ryerson University
Location – 14th Floor, Jorgenson Hall, Ryerson University

{moszoomthumb imgid=794 itemid=211 style_m=2}“I strongly believe that like free health care in Canada, we should have universal assess to Education”
– Aditya Jha

Darcy Kejick’s acceptance speech at the Project Beyshick Business Plan Contest Award ceremony

{moszoomthumb imgid=1108 itemid=211 style_m=2}Darcy Kejic delivered this speech at the inaugural award ceremony for the Business Plan competition at Queens park on February 28, 2007. Darcy won the first Projet beyhsick Business Plan Competition worth $15, 000.

Good Afternoon- Honorable Minister Harinder Takhar, Mr. Aditya Jha, Grand Chief Stan Beardy, Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, Mr. Harvey Yesno, Mr. Geoff  Hoy and distinguished guests.

Aditya Jha’s speech at the Project Beyshick Business Plan Contest Award ceremony

Project Beyshick Business Plan Contest Award ceremony at Ontario Legislature, Queens Park
 -Aditya Jha, Chairman, POA Educational Foundation

{moszoomthumb imgid=1082 itemid=211 style_m=2 style_i=1}Honorable Minister Takhar, Honorable Counsel General of India Mr. Satish Mehta, Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, Harvey Yesno, CEO of Nishnawbe Aski Nation Development Fund, Ajit Khanna, President of ICCC and Distinguished guests.