Canadian NRI offers to invest in nuclear plant in Bihar

Talking to newsmen in Chandragupta Institute of Management Patna (CIMP) on Tuesday the President and CEO of the Karma Candy Inc and Chairman POA Foundation said that he had a project worth $ one billion for setting up a nuclear power plant in Bihar.

He said that his aim is to fill up 20-30 per cent conceptual and implementation level gap between the government and private sector to help Bihar achieve the visualized turnaround that the state is searching for.

Canada is one of the largest producers of uranium in the world and has helped the Indian nuclear establishment since 1960s. The Canadian government has recently signed a nuclear deal with the government of India.

Jha said that the efforts made by the state government are not enough. Time has come for Bihar to become knowledge and service economy. He said that business and industry also need soft infrastructure such as trained manpower to run businesses or industries.

However, so far the setting up of nuclear plant by an NRI is concerned much depends on the Union government too as the issue comes under the central subject.