AMJ Campbell: Ready, Set, Inspire – AMJ Offers Job-Shadowing

She was part of the first annual Project Beyshick, a program that brought 11 aboriginal students together with corporate executives in the heart of Canada’s business community. AMJ Campbell participated along with companies such as Bell Canada, Royal Bank, HSBC and Trillium Health Centre.

Autumn Yesno meets Denis Frappier at AMJ Corporate office in Mississauga.

Autumn Yesno meets Denis Frappier at AMJ Corporate office in Mississauga.

Experiencing the life of an executive might have been a bit of a culture shock. For Yesno, an accounting student who had the opportunity to sit in on AMJ’s meetings to discuss efforts to comply with employment equity standards and to acquire wireless handheld devices, Denis Frappier made it easier.

"Denis made me feel very welcome. It was an amazing learning opportunity to work with a huge business and see their daily operations from executive vice-president to accounting and sales. This experience was a real eye-opener for me," says Autumn.

The goal of Project Beyshick was to provide future leaders of the aboriginal community with the opportunity to see business from the inside and meet people who can demonstrate the leadership skills it takes to run a company. Denis Frappier said it was an opportunity for AMJ Campbell to demonstrate their commitment to the community on an individual basis.

AMJ Campbell plans to participate in the 2006 Project Beyshick program.

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